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The Winning Edge: Fueling and Supplementation In-Depth

Once you've thoroughly reviewed the Essential Knowledge, dial in your fueling with these research-based articles and hot tips. You'll find specific advice on pre- and post-exercise fueling. You'll learn why complex carbohydrates are superior to simple sugars and we'll share our tried-and-true recommendations for an epic race. Info on allergens, fueling for kids, and much more is also included.

Fueling Suggestions

Runner in the Rain

How to Fuel for a Marathon

We receive a lot of phone calls and emails from runners looking for the best method of fueling for a half or full marathon.

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The Hammer Nutrition Fuels

A guide to what they are are and how to use them. Whether your workouts or races last an hour or two, or a week or two, Hammer Nutrition has the fuel your body craves.

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Eating a Pre-Race Meal

What to Eat Pre-Race

What advantages are achieved by consuming carbohydrates sooner than 3 hours as opposed to later than 3 hours?

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How Much Protein?

The more prolonged or intense the exercise, the more protein the body cannibalizes for energy from the working muscles.

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Carb Containing Foods

Carbohydrates 101

The primary source of muscle energy production is Adenosine Triphosphate - ATP.

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Osmolality Review: The Biochemistry of Fuels Absorption

The premise of our position is that each individual athlete has a set reasonable osmolar pressure which changes when their internal body temperature and chemistry change accordingly.

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Tub of Recoverite

Why We Use A 3:1 Ratio In Recoverite

Research supports the concept for combining proteins and carbohydrates during the 120-minute window of opportunity...

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Sugar and Sugar Cubes

Simple Sugars and Complex Carbohydrates - An Incompatible Combination

If you look on a container of a Hammer Nutrition fuel you'll find something that you'll probably not see on another energy drink or gel, a warning.

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Post-Exercise Meal: Carbs Alone or Carbs + Protein?

We are often asked to support the hypothesis that supports adding protein to carbohydrates following glycogen-depleting endurance exercise.

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Hammer Nutrition Electrolyte Containing Products

The Endurolytes Rationale

Why should the body be exposed to a minimal electrolyte dose during extreme losses?

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Cramp in Leg Graphic

Muscle Cramps

The general origin of muscle cramps as defined by sport scientists in human performance laboratories is not well investigated and is therefore not well understood.

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Supplement Suggestions


How to Supplement for Athletes

Does your diet provide you with all the nutrients you need? We argue that it doesn't and teach you how to supplement your diet.

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Hammer Crank

The Hammer Nutrition Daily Essentials Formula

Athletes will derive exceptional benefits for both athletic performance enhancement and overall health.

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Epic Sessions - Supplement suggestions for workouts and races

The supplements suggested for use prior to an epic workout or race can be thought of as a preemptive strike...

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Off Season Supplement Suggestions

Whether or not you stay active year round, when your main competitive season ends, does that also mean the end of your supplement program?

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Hot Tips

Additional Information

Runner in the Desert

Supplement Suggestions for Your Epic Workouts!

When you've got long, tough workouts planned, you need the best supplement support possible to help you get the most out of every minute put into these arduous training sessions.

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Kids with Hammer Gel

Hammer Nutrition products are kid friendly!

Hammer Nutrition products are ideal for active children. In fact, they provide high-quality calories that young, growing bodies need to thrive. Kids don't need more sugar, salt, and citric acid!

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