Hammer Nutrition - Monster Mojo and Mojito Triathlons

Hammer Nutrition Sponsored Event: Monster Racing returned to Peterborough Rowing Lake on 8 th May to stage the Monster Mojo and Mojito sponsored by Revitaflex triathlons. Athletes in the Mojo took on a mile and a quarter swim, 50 mile cycle and 13 mile run. Whils ... [view more]


Sponsored Athletes

Hammer Nutrition Sponsored athlete Livia Lancelot rules the world! Livia Lancelot defied a rib injury to take over the lead of the FIM Women's World Motocross Championship with two overwhelming victories aboard her Team 114 Kawasaki at Teutschenthal in Germany. & ... [view more]

Hammer sponsored events

Don't let your diet deviate too much from what got you there in the first place! FLUIDS - Don't drink excess amounts of water in the hopes of getting a head start on your fluid requirements for the race. Consumption of roughly .5 to .6 of your body weight is a go ... [view more]